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Charged Up Films and Photography Commercial

Charged Up Films and Photography

       We are an Inspiritional and friendly Filming Production company based in the heart of the Great Mile High City. Providing high quality Videos, Photography and imagery in a single Flash. Please take a look around and we look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Take the journey with us as we Explore the many wonders of the world through a Lens. We are a inspirational, fun, professional, easy to work with, high positive energy while still providing stunning Imagery.

Charged Up Films and Photography Commercial


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Life through the Lens


Charged Up Films Promo Commerical

Our brand

Here at Charged Up, Throughout the wide range of services we provide, the most come format we use in all of our product is Ultra HD Video 4k resolution and Ultra HD Photo. Our Team of Professionals can craft multimedia materials for the purpose of branding and marketing your organization and personal usage.

We specialize in video production, graphical services, and Music production. Our experienced Photography team also provides stunning landscape, portraits, wedding photography and so much more. With Your help, We can Transform the world with a Flash!


Charged Up Films Promo

American Music Video by: Domo G

Our 2nd Promo

Unplugged Music video by Domo G